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Staff Profile

William E. Novak

William E. Novak

Senior Member of Engineering Staff

Key Responsibilities

Support and improve the acquisition, engineering, and sustainment of software-reliant systems by working with acquisition Program Offices to assist and advise on software acquisition issues. Conduct research into current software acquisition issues, with a focus on the governance, incentives, and dynamic organizational behaviors of software-reliant acquisition programs. Provide education to the broader software acquisition community on both the technical and organizational aspects of conducting software-reliant acquisition programs. 

Areas of expertise: lifecycle technical support (acquisition, procurement, sustainment, replacement); defense acquisition; independent technical assessments; enterprise IT; systems thinking; system dynamics; agent-based modelling (ABM); product marketing;


Professional Background

Mr. Novak has over 30 years of experience with real-time embedded software product development, government software acquisition, and business management in defense contracting, commercial, and small company environments. Mr. Novak has held positions with GE Aerospace including Chief Engineer for GE Military and Data Systems Operation and Senior Software Engineer at GE Strategic Systems Division. He has also served as Development Tools Product Manager for Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing Division, and held the position of Director of C/C++ Products for C and C++ language cross-development systems, and product manager for embedded Ada cross-development systems at Tartan, Inc. Mr. Novak has previously served as an Industry Resident Affiliate to the SEI, participating in the Domain Analysis for Software Reuse project.

Publications (recent or significant)

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