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Staff Profile

Timothy Shimeall

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Timothy J. Shimeall is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff with the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The CERT Coordination Center is also a part of this program, and Tim's work draws heavily on data from there.

Tim is responsible for overseeing and participating in the development of analysis methods in the area of network systems security and survivability. This work includes development of methods to identify trends in security incidents and in the development of software used by computer and network intruders. Of particular interest are incidents affecting defended systems and malicious software that are effective despite common defenses.

Professional Background

Before joining the SEI, Tim was an Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He was an active instructor on a variety of topics in software engineering, information warfare and security, and supervised in excess of 30 MS theses and 3 Ph.D. theses. Tim has taught courses for a variety of educational institutions and private corporations, in both local and distance learning formats.

Tim's work has included theoretical studies of the behavior of software faults, evaluation of testing methods, development and implementation of tool sets for safety-critical software analysis, development of security policy and techniques, development of strategic frameworks for information warfare, and development in security evaluation methods for military systems.

Publications (recent or significant)

Some of Tim's more than 30 reviewed technical publications include "An Empirical Investigation of Six Software Error Detection Methods", International Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, May 2002, written with S.S. So, S. D. Cha and K.R. Kwong; "Cyber Intelligence Analysis", Contemporary Security Policy, August 2002, written with C. Dunlevy and P. Williams; "Countering CyberWar" NATO Review, Winter 2001-2002, written with C. Dunlevy and P. Williams; "Software Security in an Internet World: An Executive Summary", IEEE Software, July 1999, written with J.J. McDermott; "EASEL: Emergent Algorithm Simulation Environment Language", Information Survivability Workshop, Orlando FL, November 1998, written with D. Fisher; "Don't Waste Your Bugs", Software Development, March 1997, written with S.C. Shimeall; "A Matrix Model of Information Infrastructure in Expeditionary Warfare", Asilomar Conference in Advanced Technology, Pacific Grove CA, December 1996, written with J. Arquilla; "Safety Verification of Ada Using Fault Tree Analysis", IEEE Computer, July 1991, with S.S. Cha and N.G. Leveson; and "An Empirical Comparison of Software Fault Tolerance and Fault Elimination", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, February 1991, with N.G. Leveson.


  • PhD, Computer Science, Univ CA Irvine

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