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Predictability by construction (PBC) makes the behavior of a component-based system predictable prior to implementation, based on known properties of components. The PBC vision is for software components to have certified properties (for example, performance) and for the behavior of systems assembled from components to be predictable.


PBC enables you to

  • establish design and implementation standards that lead to software systems with predictable runtime quality
  • use automation to enforce these standards, leading to systems that are predictable by construction
  • define objective standards and measures for trusted components, developed internally or by third parties
  • incrementally and systematically introduce state-of-the-art prediction for new or more general classes of systems and properties
  • provide a sound and objective basis to manage design risk and optimize design features

Obtaining the Benefits of Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC) is available as a white paper. [96K PDF].

Start Working with PBC

We've identified typical scenarios to help you get started obtaining the benefits of PBC.

Still want to learn more? Check out PBC Concepts or download the PACC Starter Kit.

PACC BrochureHave you read our PACC brochure? [6.7MB PDF]

Spotlight on Predictability by Construction


PACC Starter Kit

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