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System Verification and Validation

Methods and tools for assurance across the lifecycle

Designers need new verification and validation (V&V) technologies for systems that feature autonomy and safety criticality. Effective V&V for those systems requires innovative tools for design and implementation and an increased use of automation throughout a system’s fielded lifetime.

We arm designers and developers with analysis and formal verification algorithms and tools. Our efforts push V&V activities earlier in the lifecycle. We champion the use of architectural model-based risk analysis throughout system development to increase confidence. We promote the use of virtual system integration practice to reduce costly rework before a system is deployed. By creating and prototyping formal V&V methods, we seek also to improve continuous runtime mission assurance.

History of Innovation at the SEI in Systems Verification and Validation

The SEI has performed innovative research in systems verification and validation for almost 30 years that has benefited government, industry, and academia. Learn more about a few of the highlights.