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The SEI provides access to more than 5,000 documents from three decades of research on best practices in software engineering. These documents include technical reports, presentations, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and other searchable materials. You can search our database to find publications that span the SEI's history as well as current research.

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Our digital library holds over 30 years of publications that you can browse by topic, author, and publication type.

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Headshot of Carol Woody.

Developing and Using a Software Bill of Materials Framework

April 09, 2024 • Podcast
Carol Woody, Michael S. Bandor

Carol Woody and Michael Bandor discuss a Software Bill of Materials framework to help organizations establish a comprehensive set of practices and...

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The Importance of Diversity in Cybersecurity: Carol Ware

March 21, 2024 • Podcast
Carol Ware

Carol Ware, a senior cybersecurity engineer in the SEI's CERT Division, discusses the evolution of her career and the importance of diversity in the...

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Headshot of Violet Turri

The Importance of Diversity in Artificial Intelligence: Violet Turri

March 19, 2024 • Podcast
Violet Turri

Violet Turri, a software developer in the SEI’s AI Division, discusses the evolution of her career in AI and the importance of diversity in the...

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Using Large Language Models in the National Security Realm

March 05, 2024 • Podcast
Shannon Gallagher

Shannon Gallagher discusses findings and recommendations from the Mayflower Project and provides additional background information about LLMs and how they can be engineered for national security...

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Rhonda Brown

Zero Trust Industry Days 2024 Scenario: Secluded Semiconductors, Inc.

February 27, 2024 • White Paper
Rhonda Brown

This scenario guides discussions of solutions submitted to address the challenges of implementing zero...

Jeffrey Gennari

Considerations for Evaluating Large Language Models for Cybersecurity Tasks

February 20, 2024 • White Paper
Jeff Gennari, Shing-hon Lau, Samuel J. Perl, Joel Parish (OpenAI), Girish Sastry (OpenAI)

In this paper, researchers from the SEI and OpenAI explore the opportunities and risks associated with using large language models (LLMs) for cybersecurity...