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Software Engineering and Information Assurance

Measurable means to achieve quality, security, and affordability

Software-intensive systems should perform as intended and be free from vulnerabilities. They should also be affordable, a term that implies cost control and timely deployment of needed software capabilities. System designers struggle to make software secure and affordable amid technology gaps for resilient software architecture, automated software analysis, development process agility, and cost control.

We focus on forming solutions to building correct, secure, and affordable systems. We develop measurable means to reduce risk for new systems or legacy system sustainment efforts by building in data and information security and wringing out software defects. We seek root causes in software acquisition of affordability issues that result in wasted effort and delays. In response to those issues, we create and prototype tooling that can shorten development time and increase software quality.

History of Innovation at the SEI in Software Engineering and Information Assurance

The SEI has performed innovative research in software and information assurance for almost 30 years that has benefited government, industry, and academia. Learn more about a few of the highlights.