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Autonomy and Counter-Autonomy

Evidence of autonomous system trustworthiness and resilience

Use of autonomy is providing leap-ahead capabilities as examples like intelligent parking assist and advanced emergency braking in modern automobiles show. For designers building autonomous features into software-based systems, issues of trust and emerging vulnerabilities loom large. The scarcity of techniques needed to assure software for autonomy presents a significant barrier to the broad, effective adoption and use of these advanced capabilities.

We perform and apply research to improve the development and effective use of partially or fully autonomous systems. To help humans understand why a system acts in a certain manner, we develop and train algorithms for explainable artificial intelligence. We are creating analysis and runtime monitoring approaches to reveal new types of vulnerabilities manifested in autonomy-enabled systems. And we are building the capability to ensure reliable operation in the face of malicious, counter-autonomous attack and manipulation by adversaries.

History of Innovation at the SEI in Autonomy and Counter-Autonomy

The SEI has performed innovative research in autonomy and counter-autonomy for almost 10 years that has benefited government, industry, and academia. Learn more about a few of the highlights.