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Sep 26

Ask Us Anything: Generative AI Edition

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Sep 26, 2023 · Webcast


In this webcast, SEI researchers take your questions and discuss what generative AI does well and the associated risk and opportunities.

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Generative AI (GenAI) has been around for decades, but the latest leap in progress, fueled by high-capability large language models (LLMs), image and video generators, and AI pair programmers, has captivated audiences across a variety of disciplines. What can GenAI do well? What are the risks and opportunities of using GenAI?

Join SEI experts Doug Schmidt, Rachel Dzombak, Jasmine Ratchford, Matt Walsh, John Robert and Shing-hon Lau for a live question-and-answer session driven by the audience.

Send us your questions ahead of the webcast:

  • email: (Use the subject GenAI.)
  • Twitter: #GenAIsei
  • LinkedIn: #GenAIsei
  • YouTube chat (available once the stream opens)

Here’s what attendees will learn:

  • The risks and rewards of generative AI
  • The future of LLMs
  • SEI research in this area

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