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ULS Systems Publications

Anvaari, M.; Cruzes, D.S.; & Conradi, R. Smart Grid Software Applications as an Ultra-Large-Scale System: Challenges for Evolution. December 2012

Cohen, Bernard, and Phil Boxer. "Why Critical Systems Need Help to Evolve." IEEE Computer, May 2010.

Hill, James H. and John M. Slaby. "Increasing ULS System Quality with System Execution Modeling Tools." December 2009.

Greg Goth. "Ultralarge Systems: Redefining Software Engineering?" IEEE Software,  May 2008.

Gabriel, Richard P. Design Beyond Human Abilities

Goodenough, John. ULS Systems Research Roadmap. June 2007. 

Kazman, Rick. The Metropolis Model: A New Logic for Development of Crowdsourced Systems. Communications of the ACM, 52, 7 (July 2009).

news@sei Feature, Issue 3, 2008: SMART Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Forum: “Scale Changes Everything”

news@sei Feature, Issue 6, 2006: Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems Roundtable

news@sei Feature, 4th quarter 2005: Meeting the Challenge of Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems

Northrop, Linda. Scale Changes Everything, OOPSLA 2006, Portland, Oregon, USA, October 22-26, 2006.

Schmidt, Douglas C. Meeting the Challenges of Ultra-Large-Scale Distributed Real-Time & Embedded Systems with QoS-Enabled Middleware & Model-Driven Engineering. ACM/IFIP/USENIX 8th International Middleware Conference, Newport Beach, California, USA, December 10, 2007.

Schmidt, Douglas C. Meeting the Challenges of Ultra-Large-Scale Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems, 10th IEEE International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC), Santorini Island, Greece, May 7-9, 2007.

Schmidt, Douglas C. Meeting the Challenges of Ultra-Large-Scale Systems via Model-Driven Engineering
Distinguished Lecturer Series, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA, February 2, 2007.

Sullivan, Kevin. Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems (CBSE 2009)
keynote, 12th International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE 2009), June 24-26, 2009.

Workshop & Conference Proceedings

SMART Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Forum: “Scale Changes Everything,” March 6, 2008, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

First ICSE Workshop on Software Technologies for Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems: Workshop at the International Conference on Software Engineering, May 22, 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Companion to the 21th Annual ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications, OOPSLA 2006, October 22-26, 2006, Portland, Oregon, USA. ACM 2006, ISBN 1-59593-491-X  (Workshop: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems).

The ULS Systems Report

Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future
ISBN 0-9786956-0-7
July 2006


Northrop, Linda; Schmidt, Doug; Sullivan, Kevin; & Kiczales, Gregor. Round Table on Ultra-Large-Scale Systems. Podcast recorded at OOPSLA 2006, February 6, 2007.

Related Work

Center for Ultra-Large-Scale Software-Intensive Systems

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