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Onsite Training

SEI onsite training delivers world-class learning directly to you. All SEI courses can be delivered at your site at a special group rate. 

Onsite instruction is often the most affordable and convenient way to train a team of people. For a group of professionals (typically 8 or more) you save significantly on travel and productivity costs.Training can be scheduled when it is convenient for you. We send all of the course materials and supplies necessary for the class, and our experienced instructors quickly establish an effective classroom conducive to learning at your site. Our instructors also welcome input from the training coordinators and students to emphasize particular course topics that are important to your organization. Onsite training is not limited only to classroom time. All students also have access to our instructors for discussions before and after the class. 

Some of the benefits of onsite training include: 

  • Reduce per student cost

  • Reduce travel costs

  • Expert instruction from SEI-certified instructors with years of real-world experience

  • Opportunity to develop the talent on your team and increase productivity

  • Schedule training around your current projects, exactly when you need it

  • Confidential discussion about your products/projects

  • Focus on your team's challenges in a private, small group environment 

All SEI courses can be brought to your site for a qualified group of students. You will also find that some SEI courses, including those listed below, can be offered at your site in a workshop format to increase student participation and address solutions to the challenges facing your team: 

Implementing Goal-Driven Measurement

Advanced Software Architecture Workshop

SEI onsite training is a cost effective way to bring any SEI course to your group at a place and time convenient for you. If you are considering onsite training, please contact the Professional Development Center staff at or +1 412-268-7622 to learn more.

Training courses provided by the SEI are not academic courses for academic credit toward a degree. Any certificates provided are evidence of the completion of the courses and are not official academic credentials.



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