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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Drivers for Adoption of Cloud Computing


Users have access to a large amount of resources that scale based on user demand.


The environment transparently manages a user’s resource utilization based on dynamically changing needs.


Each user has a single view of the available resources, independently of how they are arranged in terms of physical devices.


The pay-per-usage model allows an organization to only pay for the resources they need with basically no investment in the physical resources available in the cloud. There are no infrastructure maintenance or upgrade costs.


Users have the ability for the user to access data and applications from around the globe.


Users are starting to see the cloud as a way to work simultaneously on common data and information.

Risk Reduction

Users can use the cloud to test ideas and concepts before making major investments in technology.

Other criteria for adoption



The ability for the user to obtain the statistics on usage levels


The ease with which the user is able to configure and operate virtual resources