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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Publications by Topic: Architectures for Software Product Lines

An Application of the Architecture-Based Design Method to the Electronic House
  Felix Bachmann, Len Bass, & Mark Klein


The Architecture-Based Design Method
Felix Bachmann, Len Bass, Gary Chastek, Patrick Donohoe, & Peruzzi, Fabio/p>

Architecture-Based Development
Len Bass & Rick Kazman

Managing Variability in Software Architectures
Felix Bachmann & Len Bass

Quality Attribute Design Primitives and the Attribute Driven Design Method
Len Bass, Mark Klein, & Felix Bachmann

Testing a Software Product Line
John D. McGregor

Transitioning a Model-Based Software Engineering Architectural Style to Ada 95
Anthony B. Gargaro & Spencer A. Peterson

Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to Evaluate the Software Architecture for a Product Line of Avionics Systems: A Case Study
Mario Barbacci, Paul Clements, Lattanze, Anthony, Linda Northrop, & William Wood