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Product Line Production Planning

A production plan describes how the products are produced from the core assets. Core assets should each have an attached process that defines how it will be used in product development. The production plan is essentially a set of these attached processes with the necessary glue. It describes the overall scheme for how these individual processes can be fit together to build a product. It is, in effect, the reuser's' guide to product development within the product line.

Production plans can range from a detailed process model to a much more informal guidebook. The degree of specificity required in the production plan depends upon the background of the intended product builders, the structure of the organization, the culture of the organization, and the concept of operations for the product line.


A production plan provides an operational definition of how the organization intends to produce products. You must consider

  • Which inputs are needed to build a product?
  • Which activities result in a completed product?
  • How can core asset creation support consistent and effective product development in a product line?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the product developers?
  • How can the product developers efficiently use the variability mechanisms in the core assets?
  • Which interactions are needed with other groups in the organization?
  • Which schedule and resources (including tool support) are associated with building the product?


A production plan helps the product builder identify the linkage among the core assets and understand how to use them effectively within the constraints of the product line.

Who Would Benefit

This service is appropriate for those who are responsible for building products from core assets and core asset developers.


During this two-day session, SEI product line experts guide your organization through the initial development of a product-production strategy and provide tools and directions for applying that strategy to the creation of a production method and a production plan.

For more information about the Product Line Production Planning Workshop or to schedule one, contact us using the link in the For more information box at the bottom of this page.

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