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The Business Case for Systems Engineering

Joseph Elm as interviewed by Suzanne Miller


In this podcast, Joe Elm discusses the results of a recent technical report, The Business Case for Systems Engineering, which establishes clear links between the application of systems engineering (SE) best practices to projects and programs and the performance of those projects and programs. The report clearly shows that projects that do more SE perform better in terms of meeting budgets, schedules, and technical requirements. The survey population consisted of projects and programs executed by system developers reached through the National Defense Industrial Association Systems Engineering Division, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and the International Council on Systems Engineering.


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Categories: Performance and Dependability

About the Speakers

Joseph Elm

Joe Elm joined the SEI in 2001. He is currently the integrating systems manager in the Software Solutions Division (SSD). Prior to joining the SSD, he served as the CERT Strategic Projects manager, leading strategic projects to enhance the CERT Program's abilities to address client needs. Before that, he led the SEI's Acquisition Support Program in its efforts to improve software acquisition practices throughout the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies, bringing to these efforts an extensive background in systems engineering, product development, program management, and corporate management to the aid of government acquisition programs. Prior to joining the SEI, Elm served as vice president and general manager of Carco Electronics, where he managed all activities of a division responsible for development, sales, and production of precision electro-mechanical equipment used for testing missile guidance and navigation equipment. He has also held engineering management and executive management positions in companies in the transportation and consumer goods industry sectors.