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Security Modeling Tools

Julien Delange


Recent research indicates that security is no longer only a matter of code and is tightly linked to software architecture. SEI researchers have created security-focused modeling tools that capture vulnerabilities and their propagation paths in an architecture. These security-focused modeling tools help security analysts and researchers improve system and software analysis. In this podcast, Julien Delange discusses the motivation for the work, the available tools, and how to use them.




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Categories: Software Architecture

About the Speaker

Julien Delange

Julien Delange has worked at the SEI since October 2012. His research focuses on the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL). Before joining the SEI, he worked as a software engineer at the European Space Agency where he led and contributed to several research projects related to software and system architectures. He also has a Ph.D. from Telecom ParisTech in France and developed the real-time operating system called POK for building safe and secure systems.