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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University


Code of Professional Conduct

The Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC) applies to all SEI Partners and SEI-Certified or SEI-Authorized individuals, including those who are Software Engineering Institute (SEI) employees.

For Individuals

To be considered as a candidate to become authorized or certified, you must fill out and submit the CoPC commitment form  for individuals before being permitted into an advanced training class or before an authorization or certification will be given. If you have any questions, please send email to

For Organizations

If you represent an organization that would like to become an SEI Partner, you are expected to read the CoPC before completing the online application. Commitment to the CoPC is a requirement of the SEI Partner’s license agreement.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

A conflict of interest is defined in the CoPC as two or more competing priorities that may compromise an authorized or certified professional, candidate, or SEI Partner’s objectivity. When a situation involving a conflict of interest is inherent or cannot be avoided, SEI Partners must complete and submit the Conflict of Interest Form.