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Contact: Kelly Kimberland, SEI Public Relations

Software     Engineering Institute (SEI) Signs Memorandum of Understanding with MITRE
May 30,     2002
    PITTSBURGH-On May 1, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), represented     by SEI Director Dr. Stephen E. Cross, and MITRE, represented by Al Grasso,     senior vice president and general manager of the Washington Command, Control     and Communications (C3) Center at MITRE, signed a memorandum of understanding     (MOU) establishing a collaboration to improve the software-intensive C4ISR     (command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and     reconnaissance) system acquisition processes of the Naval Air Systems Command     (NAVAIR).

The SEI is     a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) sponsored by the     U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and operated by Carnegie Mellon University.     Its mission is to help others make measured improvements in their software     engineering capabilities. MITRE is a not-for-profit company that works in     the public interest to provide systems engineering, research and development,     and information technology support to the government. It operates FFRDCs for     the DoD, the FAA, and the IRS.  

MITRE is     a member of the DoD Software Collaborator's Network, a group of 38 DoD organizations     and FFRDCs that provide software engineering services to the DoD. The MOU     with MITRE is an example of how the SEI works through the Software Collaborator's     Network to transition SEI technologies and amplify SEI impact with the DoD     acquisition community.  

Objectives     of this strategic partnership are to  

    support       NAVAIR in the continued application of disciplined and rigorous software       and systems engineering practices to the acquisition of complex, software-intensive       C4ISR systems;
    enhance       and accelerate technology transition to NAVAIR organic resources;    
    assist       in the continued development of current organic capabilities and expertise       in acquisition process improvement;
    assist       NAVAIR in leveraging its current successes in software-intensive system       acquisition; and
    improve       NAVAIR's ability to acquire near-defect-free software-intensive systems       on time, every time.

The MOU,     fully supported by NAVAIR, will initiate a collaboration that will focus on     reduction of risk in the acquisition and development of C4ISR software-intensive     systems through

    transition       of technology to improve the abilities and leverage the organic NAVAIR resources       (software centers of excellence, acquisition organizations);
    demonstration       and measurement of the positive impact of applying appropriate technology       to address systemic problems in acquiring software-intensive C4ISR systems;    
    assistance       with the adoption of appropriate technologies; and
    identification       and mitigation of risks for NAVAIR software-intensive C4ISR system acquisitions.      

The joining     of FFRDCs to bring together domain expertise is an example of how these special     institutions can fulfill their public-interest charter. The SEI-MITRE collaboration     leverages the strengths of the two organizations by providing software engineering     expertise, C4ISR systems engineering expertise, and objectivity unconstrained     by competitive market pressures or organizational conflicts of interest.

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