Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Tactical Cloudlets: Research Focus

Based on the reference architecture shown below, we implemented five different cloudlet provisioning mechanisms that range from very dynamic mechanisms in which cloudlets are provisioned from mobile devices to more static provisioning strategies in which cloudlets are pre-provisioned with capabilities based on mission requirements.


The results of experiments based on the different cloudlet provisioning mechanisms led us to combine Cached VM with Cloudlet Push as the cloudlet provisioning mechanism to enable lower energy consumption on the mobile device, place less requirements on mobile devices, and simplify cloudlet provisioning in tactical environments.

In our goal to develop architectural strategies and prototypes for cyber-foraging that consider a wider range of critical quality attributes not considered by the commercial mobile ecosystem, our current focus is on survivability, in particular the survivability of mobile tactical systems. Our hypothesis is that survivability for tactical mobile systems requires quick deployment and redeployment of capabilities, fast execution times so that computation can take place before cloudlets become out of range, and support for disconnected operations (between cloudlets and data centers).

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