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PSP-VDC: An Adaptation of the PSP that Incorporates Verified Design by Contract
(May 2013)
Authors: Silvana Moreno (Universidad de la República), Álvaro Tasistro (Universidad ORT Uruguay), Diego Vallespir (Universidad de la República), William Nichols

Quantifying Uncertainty in Expert Judgment: Initial Results
(March 2013)
Authors: Dennis R. Goldenson, Robert W. Stoddard

The Business Case for Systems Engineering Study: Results of the Systems Engineering Effectiveness Survey
(November 2012)
Authors: Joseph P. Elm, Dennis R. Goldenson

TSP Symposium 2012 Proceedings
(November 2012)
Authors: William Nichols, Álvaro Tasistro (Universidad ORT Uruguay), Diego Vallespir (Universidad de la República), João Pascoal Faria (University of Porto), Mushtaq Raza (University of Porto), Pedro C. Henriques (Strongstep – Innovation in Software Quality), César Duarte (Strongstep – Innovation in Software Quality), Elias Fallon (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.), Lee Gazlay (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.), Shigeru Kusakabe (Kyushu University), Yoichi Omori (Kyushu University), Keijiro Araki (Kyushu University), Fernanda Grazioli (Universidad de la República), Silvana Moreno (Universidad de la República)

An Investigation of Techniques for Detecting Data Anomalies in Earned Value Management Data
(December 2011)
Authors: Mark Kasunic, James McCurley, Dennis R. Goldenson, David Zubrow

Quantifying Uncertainty in Early Lifecycle Cost Estimation (QUELCE)
(December 2011)
Authors: Robert Ferguson, Dennis R. Goldenson, James McCurley, Robert W. Stoddard, David Zubrow, Debra Anderson

Issues and Opportunities for Improving the Quality and Use of Data in the Department of Defense
(March 2011)
Authors: Mark Kasunic, David Zubrow, Erin Harper

IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Software Process Achievement (SPA) Award 2009
(March 2011)
Authors: Satyendra Kumar, Ramakrishnan M.

Guide for SCAMPI Appraisals: Accelerated Improvement Method (AIM)
(December 2010)
Authors: Gene Miluk, Jim McHale, Timothy A. Chick

Implementation Guidance for the Accelerated Improvement Method (AIM)
(December 2010)
Authors: Jim McHale, Timothy A. Chick, Gene Miluk

Using TSP Data to Evaluate Your Project Performance
(September 2010)
Authors: Shigeru Sasao, William Nichols, James McCurley

Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic, Version 1.0: Method Definition Document
(August 2010)
Author: Mark Kasunic

Programmatic and Constructive Interdependence: Emerging Insights and Predictive Indicators of Development Resource Demand
(July 2010)
Authors: Robert M. Flowe, Mark Kasunic, Mary M. Brown, Paul L. Hardin, III, James McCurley, David Zubrow, William Anderson

Performance Effects of Measurement and Analysis: Perspectives from CMMI High Maturity Organizations and Appraisers
(June 2010)
Authors: James McCurley, Dennis R. Goldenson

Approaches to Process Performance Modeling: A Summary from the SEI Series of Workshops on CMMI High Maturity Measurement and Analysis
(January 2010)
Authors: Robert W. Stoddard, Dennis R. Goldenson

Results of SEI Independent Research and Development Projects (FY 2009)
(December 2009)
Authors: Len Bass, Paul C. Clements, Dionisio de Niz, Peter H. Feiler, Matthew Geiger, Jeffrey Hansen, Jörgen Hansson, Scott Hissam, James Ivers, Mark H. Klein, Karthik Lakshmanan, Gabriel Moreno, Daniel Plakosh, R. Rajkumar, Kristopher Rush, Cal Waits, Kurt C. Wallnau, Lutz Wrage

Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic (MAID) Evaluation Criteria, Version 1.0
(December 2009)
Author: Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis (SEMA) Group

CMMI and TSP/PSP: Using TSP Data to Create Process Performance Models
(November 2009)
Author: Shurei Tamura

A Method for Assessing Technical Progress and Quality Throughout the System Life Cycle
(November 2009)
Authors: Robert Ferguson, Summer C. Fowler, Rita C. Creel

Building Process Improvement Business Cases Using Bayesian Belief Networks and Monte Carlo Simulation
(July 2009)
Author: Ben Linders

Use and Organizational Effects of Measurement and Analysis in High Maturity Organizations: Results from the 2008 SEI State of Measurement and Analysis Practice Surveys
(February 2009)
Authors: Dennis R. Goldenson, James McCurley, Robert W. Stoddard

CMMI High Maturity Measurement and Analysis Workshop Report: March 2008
(November 2008)
Authors: Robert W. Stoddard, Dennis R. Goldenson, David Zubrow, Erin Harper

Can You Trust Your Data? Establishing the Need for a Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic
(November 2008)
Authors: Mark Kasunic, James McCurley, David Zubrow

Requirements and Their Impact Downstream: Improving Causal Analysis Processes Through Measurement and Analysis of Textual Information
(September 2008)
Authors: Ira Monarch, Dennis R. Goldenson, Lawrence T. Osiecki

A Data Specification for Software Project Performance Measures: Results of a Collaboration on Performance Measurement
(August 2008)
Author: Mark Kasunic

The State of Software Measurement Practice: Results of 2006 Survey
(December 2006)
Author: Mark Kasunic

Performance Results of CMMI-Based Process Improvement
(August 2006)
Authors: Diane Gibson, Dennis R. Goldenson, Keith Kost

Designing an Effective Survey
(September 2005)
Author: Mark Kasunic

QuARS: A Tool for Analyzing Requirement
(September 2005)
Author: Giuseppe Lami

Applications of the Indicator Template for Measurement and Analysis
(September 2004)
Authors: Wolfhart B. Goethert, Jeannine Siviy

Benefits of Improvement Efforts
(September 2004)
Author: Peter Capell

Case Study: A Measurement Program for Product Lines
(May 2004)
Authors: Sholom G. Cohen, David Zubrow, Ed Dunn (Naval Undersea Warfare Center)

Measuring Systems Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities
(April 2004)
Authors: Mark Kasunic, William Anderson

Deriving Enterprise-Based Measures Using the Balanced Scorecard and Goal-Driven Measurement Techniques
(October 2003)
Authors: Wolfhart B. Goethert, Matt Fisher

Measures for Software Product Lines
(October 2003)
Authors: David Zubrow, Gary Chastek

Demonstrating the Impact and Benefits of CMMI: An Update and Preliminary Results
(October 2003)
Authors: Dennis R. Goldenson, Diane Gibson

CMM-Based Process Improvement and Schedule Deviation in Software Maintenance
(July 2003)
Authors: Ho-Won Jung, Dennis R. Goldenson

Experiences in Implementing Measurement Programs
(November 2001)
Authors: Wolfhart B. Goethert, Will Hayes

DoD Software Measurement Pilot: Applying the SEI Core Measures, A
(May 1995)
Authors: James A. Rozum, William A. Florac

SEI and NAWC: Working Together to Establish a Software Measurement Program, The
(December 1993)
Author: James A. Rozum

Case Studies of Software Process Improvement Methods
(December 1993)
Author: Daniel J. Paulish

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