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SEI Professional Development Training Options

Individual Training  

Public courses are delivered at SEI classrooms in Pittsburgh, PA, Arlington, VA, Los Angeles, CA, and Frankfurt, Germany. Every effort has been made to assure comfort and encourage conversation—an investment that leads to lasting connections among SEI classroom participants. SEI classroom courses contain a vibrant mix of participants that represent diverse professions, industries, and geographic regions. Located conveniently near hotels, museums, shops, and public transportation, courses at an SEI classroom allow participants to also build connections and friendships that are invaluable to their careers.  

Learner-Driven eLearning courses are multimedia products that can be experienced anytime, on demand. SEI eLearning provides expert instruction as well as exercises, assessments, and other resources, creating a rich educational experience. 

We offer an eLearning option for the following courses: 

Onsite Team Training  

All SEI courses can be brought to your site for a qualified group of students. Among the benefits, your organization will enjoy are savings on travel and productivity costs, because courses can be scheduled when it is convenient for you. We send all of the course materials and supplies necessary for the class, and our experienced instructors quickly establish an effective classroom conducive to learning at your site. Our instructors also welcome input from your training coordinators and students to emphasize course topics that are important to your organization.