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SEI Certificates in Software Architecture

Software Architecture Professional Certificate

ATAM Evaluator Certificate

Architecture Credentials from the Software Engineering Institute

You can help your organization develop software that provides competitive advantage by gaining the knowledge and skills to use software architecture more effectively. 

SEI experts have been identifying, developing, and advocating practices for developing high-quality software for nearly three decades—practices that leading software-development organizations throughout the world have adopted and validated. 

Our software architecture certificate programs teach you practices that are based on two decades of experience architecting software-reliant systems and supported by four widely acclaimed books in the SEI Addison-Wesley Series on Software Engineering.

The Value of an SEI Software Architecture Certificate

  • You will position yourself to advance as a software architect, one of the fastest growing and most desirable jobs in the United States according to CNN/Money magazine.
  • Your SEI certificate will never expire.
  • You will acquire the skills to apply architecture-centric engineering practices that have been shown to result in successful software-reliant systems and service-oriented systems in government and industrial environments.
  • You will work with instructors who are leaders in software architecture research and practice.
  • You will gain access to a library of tools, techniques, and templates that have helped companies become more market and customer driven.
  • You will contribute to developing an organizational culture of quality in software development.