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Soteritech, LLC

Soteritech helps organizations with significant intellectual property protect themselves from insider threats. As a licensed SEI Cert Division Partner to provide Insider Threat Program Evaluation services, we engage with customers through simple interview techniques, internal policy reviews, and observation to develop threat scores in specific insider threat areas that organizations can use as part of their overall insider threat program management. Our non-attribution process helps organizations get to the heart of their insider threat program deficiencies, and develop a roadmap for compliance and improvement. Our mission is to reduce risk for our clients by developing and implementing effective insider threat detection and prevention programs, and helping them institute the sound insider threat practices developed by CERT evolved from nearly 30 years of cyber incident research.

Insider Threat

  • Insider Threat Program Evaluation
  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment
SEI-Authorized Insider Threat Program Evaluator (Authorized)
  • Doug Sampson