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Overview of Insider Threat Concepts and Activities

This three (3) hour online course provides a thorough understanding of insider threat terminology, identifies different types of insider threats, teaches how to recognize both technical and behavioral indicators and outlines mitigation strategies.

This instruction is based upon the research of the CERT National Insider Threat Center (NITC) of the Software Engineering Institute, and has been recently updated to reflect current definitions and research. The CERT NITC has been researching this problem since 2001 in partnership with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S, Secret Service, other federal agencies, the intelligence community, private industry, academia, and the vendor community. This training supports organizations implementing and managing insider threat detection, response, and prevention programs in response to the guidelines set forth in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) in accordance with Executive Order 13587.

Please note that successful completion of this course is a required component of the Insider Threat Program Manager, Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor, and Insider Threat Program Evaluator Certificate Programs. To learn more about these certificates and package pricing for the courses, please go to: SEI Certificates.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Current or potential Insider Threat Program Team members
  • Current or potential Insider Threat Program Managers
  • Non-executive employees that have access to classified information
  • Employees who interact with and support an Insider Threat Program Team


At the completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Define the term Insider
  • Explain the threats insiders may cause to critical assets
  • Recognize the difference between malicious versus unintentional insider threat
  • Recognize the most common types of insider threat
  • Identify the prevalence and damage caused by insider threat activity
  • Identify legislation enacted to help prevent insider threat
  • Describe the activity, behavioral and technical precursors, and characteristics of
    • IT Sabotage
    • Fraud
    • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Recognize and avoid unintentional insider threat
  • Describe controls to potentially prevent insider attacks
  • Identify best practices for insider threat mitigation
  • Describe the purpose of an Insider Threat Program


This online course contains three (3) hours of video instruction presented by experts from the CERT NITC. The topics you will study are:

  • Insider Threat definitions, issues, and types
  • Severity and impact of insider threat activity
  • Sabotage: examples, unknown access paths, behavioral and technical precursors
  • Fraud: examples, dynamics, technical aspects, and countermeasures
  • Theft of Intellectual Property: examples, dynamics, exfiltration, and mitigation
  • Unintentional Insider Threat
  • Insider Threat Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation Strategies

Learners will have one year to complete the course. Upon completing all course elements, the learner is awarded an electronic certificate of course completion.


This course is presented in the form of video instruction presented by experts from the CERT Insider Threat Center. Learners will also be able to access additional resources related to the subject matter and a downloadable copy of the course presentation slides.


This course has no prerequisites.

To access the SEI Learning Portal, your computer must have the following:

  • For optimum viewing, we recommend using the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
  • These browsers are supported on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 8 (or higher), OSX (Last two major releases), Most Linux Distributions
  • Mobile Operating Systems: iOS 9, Android 6.0
  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari follow a continuous release policy that makes difficult to fix a minimum version. For this reason, following the market recommendation we will support the last 2 major version of each of these browsers. Please note that as of January 2018, we do not support Safari on Windows.

This is an eLearning course.

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