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Become an SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coach

The SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coach is an experienced coach who is qualified to train provisional coaches and who can use sophisticated methods to analyze data and to perform complete postmortems that analyze process improvement.

Please refer to the TSP Coach Certification Guidebook for a description of the available TSP Coach roles and the entry requirements, certification process steps, and performance evaluation components that must be satisfied in order to become certified in one (or more) of the coach roles listed in that guide.


  • Be a currently qualified SEI-Certified TSP Coach in good standing.
  • Be sponsored by an SEI Partner to be a TSP Mentor Coach for the TSP product suite.
  • Be proficient in both spoken and written English.
  • Be an SEI-Authorized PSP Instructor.

Experience Requirements

  • Teach or co-teach three of the courses from the TSP product suite as outlined on the SEI website; these courses must be any one PSP course and any two non-PSP courses listed in the product suite
  • Launch (or relaunch) a minimum of four different teams during the five-year period immediately preceding the mentor coach application; the launch or relaunch to postmortem cycles must total at least 52 team-weeks of coaching experience, and evidence must be available from data submissions made to the SEI
  • Complete a minimum of four TSP checkpoints and four TSP project or cycle postmortems associated with the aforementioned (re)launched teams, as evidenced with reports and actual data submitted to the SEI
  • Provide at least one of the following sets of recommendations
    • Letters of recommendation to be a mentor coach from all team leaders of the aforementioned (re)launched teams, and at least two of the associated team members
    • Launch Participant Feedback Forms and a Launch Coach Feedback Form for each of the  of recommendation to be a mentor coach from all team leaders of the aforementioned (re)launched teams

1. Application

Submit a TSP Mentor Coach application, along with all supporting documentation.

2. Training and Evaluation

All prospective TSP Mentor Coaches must attend Mentor Coach Training. Evaluation of each candidate will be conducted during the training. In addition, prospective TSP Mentor Coaches must successfully mentor a candidate TSP Coach through the process of becoming an SEI-Certified TSP Coach as defined in the TSP Coach Mentoring Program Guidebook.

Candidates who successfully complete this phase will be awarded SEI certification as a TSP Mentor Coach. Candidates who do not receive a satisfactory evaluation must repeat this step before certification will be granted.

3. Certification

Upon successful completion of the mentor certification/training process, the SEI will grant you a four-year certification to mentor provisional TSP coaches and recommend them for certification. You will receive access to the materials and services for TSP Coaches. You will also receive a certificate recognizing your accomplishment.

4. Renewal

SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coaches must renew their certifications every four years. Learn how to renew your TSP Mentor Coach certification.