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Become an SEI-Certified TSP Associate Coach

The SEI-Certified TSP Associate Coach has the capability to facilitate (re)launches and weekly team meetings, and to provide day-to-day team support under the guidance of an SEI-Certified TSP Coach.The TSP Associate Coach has sufficient knowledge and experience to work with teams and individuals, but may not have the seniority, experience, or standing to fully coach personnel in management positions.  At this level, the individual is able to coach role managers and use basic historic data, but may not be capable of using sophisticated analysis techniques and tools. The TSP Associate Coach will be expected to work under the guidance of an SEI-Certified TSP Coach, who will perform the checkpoints and postmortems for the TSP team.  The SEI-Certified TSP Coach is responsible for overseeing the work of the TSP Associate Coach to ensure that (re)launches and day-to-day operations are performed correctly.

Please refer to the TSP Coach Certification Guidebook for a description of the available TSP Coach roles and the entry requirements, certification process steps, and performance evaluation components that must be satisfied in order to become certified in one (or more) of the coach roles listed in that guide.

1. Apply

Complete the application to participate in TSP Coach Training, which includes

2. Complete the coach training course

After being accepted into the program as a candidate, successfully complete the SEI's TSP Coach Training course.

3. Complete activities for observation

A candidate associate coach must successfully complete all of the following activities under the guidance of an SEI-Certified TSP Coach or SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coach within 12 months of completing TSP Coach Training:

  • (Re)launch a TSP team while being observed by a TSP coach or mentor coach
  • Support the team's day-to-day operations through a complete TSP cycle from (re)launch to phase or project postmortem 
  • Assist the assigned coach or mentor coach in conducting the team's checkpoints and postmortems

Please refer to the TSP Coach Mentoring Program Guidebook, for a complete description of the observation process. 

Upon receipt of the Associate Coach Final Assessment Report from the observing coach with a recommendation to grant certification and SEI verification of all required documentation, the SEI will award the candidate with the TSP Associate Coach credential.

4. Receive your certification

Upon successful completion of the observation phase, TSP Associate Coaches receive a one-year certification to conduct launches or relaunches, and to support TSP team's day-to-day operations under the guidance of an SEI-Certified TSP Coach or Mentor Coach. Certified TSP Coaches will also receive a certificate recognizing the accomplishment of the certification. TSP Associate Coaches may not conduct checkpoints or postmortems; only SEI-Certified TSP Coaches or Mentor Coaches can perform those activities.

SEI-Certified TSP Associate Coaches may apply the SEI's TSP materials only on behalf of an SEI Partner. TSP Associate Coaches cannot use the materials to deliver TSP-based services independently or on behalf of organizations that are not licensed by CMU/SEI to use TSP materials.

5. Keep your certification up to date

SEI-Certified TSP Associate Coaches must renew their certification every year. Learn how to renew your TSP Associate Coach certification.