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Become an SEI-Certified Smart Grid Maturity Model Navigator

SEI-Certified Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) Navigators are industry experts who have been trained and certified to guide utilities through the SGMM Navigation process.  The SGMM Navigator works with the utility's smart grid team to complete the SGMM Compass assessment on a consensus basis – promoting valuable internal discussion of current status and shared objectives.  After scoring and analyzing the survey, the Navigator leads a second workshop to review the survey results and use them to set consensus aspirations for an agreed planning horizon — and to discuss related motivations, obstacles and required actions. The SGMM is a management tool that helps utilities plan smart grid implementation, prioritize options, and measure progress.  Developed by utilities for utilities, the model is hosted by the SEI as a resource for industry transformation with the support of the US Department of Energy and input from a broad array of stakeholders. Sponsored SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators deliver official licensed SEI SGMM Navigation process services on behalf of SEI Partner organizations. Navigators guide and manage an organization's Navigation process to determine its smart grid maturity.  Major investor-owned utilities and small public power utilities alike, in the US and around the world, have reported finding the model a valuable tool to help them

  • Identify where they are on the smart grid landscape
  • Develop a shared smart grid vision and roadmap
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders using a common language
  • Prioritize options and support decision making
  • Compare to themselves over time and to the rest of the community
  • Measure their progress
  • Prepare for and facilitate change

This certification is being offered to enable adoption of the SGMM components in organizations that are currently pursuing an improvement path. Each interested individual will have to complete all training and qualifying events to earn the certification.

Certification Fees

Becoming a SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator includes access to scripts, checklists, templates, specifications, forms, and other supporting documentation for conducting SGMM workshops, maturity analysis, and reporting. For more information on the fees to become a SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator, please contact the SEI at

Steps for earning your SGMM Navigator Certification

1. Meet prerequisite qualification criteria

Before applying to become an SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator, you must meet the following qualification criteria:

  • a minimum of 8 years of work experience in the electric power or electric utility domain

At least two of the eight years work experience must include roles and responsibilities in areas such as consulting, training, or management. At least one of the eight years must include work in smart grid related applications or deployments.

  • work experience in leading teams, facilitating workshops, giving presentations, and coordinating projects with senior management. Applicants should highlight work experiences in which facilitative techniques were utilized to bring a group to achieve consensus
  • technical proficiency with MS Office products such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel
  • ability to read, speak, and write in English

2. Obtain SEI Partner sponsorship

An SEI Partner organization must recommend you to the SEI for this role by submitting a Partner Candidate Sponsorship form.  SEI Partner organizations provide SEI-based services through sponsored individuals who hold SEI Certifications.  SGMM Navigators are required to be sponsored by an SEI Partner before certification will be granted.

3. Apply

Complete and submit the application materials listed below. A review board will evaluate your application for acceptance into the program. Your application package will include the following:

You will receive a confirmation email when submission is complete. A review board will evaluate your application for acceptance into the program. Should there be questions concerning your application, the review board will contact you for clarification.

4. SGMM Navigator Training

After your application has been approved, you must attend the SGMM Navigator Training course. If you have questions about the course, please contact Successful completion of this course requires the student to attain a passing score on an end-of-course examination that reviews the SGMM model and associated product suite.

5. Lead An Initial Navigation Event

Confirmation of certification will be complete once the candidate Navigator has successfully led an SGMM Navigation process event and submitted all Navigation process artifacts including participant evaluations to the SEI. Candidates must lead their initial Navigation process event within 12 months of completion of the SGMM Navigator Training course. Candidates who do not meet the time-frame criteria will be required to attend the SGMM Navigator course again and/or retake the SGMM Navigator end-of-course examination. Candidates are granted access to the Navigation materials located in the SEI's Partner Resource Center.Navigation process artifacts must be submitted within 90 days of the completion of the first SGMM Navigation process event. This submission to the SEI should include

  • meeting minutes of the preparation meeting
  • a copy of the Survey workshop presentation
  • a copy of the final Aspirations workshop presentation
  • the completed participant evaluation forms

The SEI's SGMM Navigator Review Board reviews the materials and may contact the candidate for clarification if necessary. The Board will notify the candidate of its decision within 30 days. Board decisions are not appealable. The Board may recommend mitigation steps should the candidate not be awarded the certification. If the candidate's performance during the Initial SGMM Navigation event is unsatisfactory, the SEI will provide feedback and, if necessary, steps for remediation. Should any additional SEI support be required to mentor and/or review remedial work, that work will be billed to the sponsoring SEI Partner. 

6. Get Certified

Following the Review Board's approval, the candidate will receive a welcome kit that contains a certification diploma. The SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator will be listed in the SEI Partner Directory. SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators may only conduct Navigation process events on behalf of an SEI Partner. SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators may not use the materials to deliver SGMM Navigation services independently or on behalf of organizations that are not licensed by CMU/SEI. SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators may use the SGMM materials as contained in the SEI Partner Resource Center.

7. Keep your certification up to date

The SGMM Navigator certification is valid for a period of five (5) years from the award date. Learn how to renew your SGMM Navigator certification.