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Renew Your PSP Developer Certification

Your PSP Developer certification is valid for a period of three years and expires the last day of the month in which you were awarded your certification. (For example, if you received your certification on June 24, 2012, you must renew your certification no later than June 30, 2015.)

In order to qualify for renewal of your certification, you must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional growth and personal development by completing 60 Professional Development Units or successfully pass the PSP Developer examination. Payment of a $75 renewal fee is also necessary to maintain your certification. The SEI will send you a certification renewal notice 90 days prior to your certification expiration date to remind you of the need to renew.

To renew your PSP Developer Certification, submit the following to the SEI:

To re-take the PSP Developer examination, refer to the registration instructions.

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

The SEI Certification Program uses PDUs to quantify learning and development activities. PSP Developers must complete 60 PDUs within the three years prior to their certification expiration date.

One PDU can be earned for every one hour spent in a planned, structured experience or activity as approved by the SEI. It is your responsibility to ensure that activities meet renewal criteria. To maintain a balance in renewal activities, some activities have a maximum number of credits that you can count toward the 60 PDU total.

Activities that qualify for PDU credit are divided into four categories:

  • professional activities
  • continuing education
  • presentations and teaching
  • authoring activities

You can earn a maximum of 45 PDUs per category per renewal cycle; PDUs do not carry over into the subsequent cycle. Individual category elements may have additional credit restrictions for each renewal cycle.

Professional Activities (45 PDUs maximum for this category)

  • Attendance at approved association or society meetings, 1 PDU per hour,   20 PDUs per activity maximum
  • Participation in a TSP project launch or relaunch,  1 PDU per hour,   20 PDUs per activity maximum
  • Participation in a TSP project postmortem,  1 PDU per hour, 5 PDUs per activity maximum
  • Maintaining a PSP Instructor authorization, 20 PDUs maximum
  • Maintaining a TSP Coach authorization, 20 PDUs maximum
  • Attendance at SEI conference, 5 PDUs per activity, 20 PDUs maximum

Contribution to the practice through participation in development activities sponsored by the SEI

  • 10 PDUs per activity as awarded by the SEI, 20 PDUs maximum
  • Participation in the SEI’s TSP Team activities to include full time staff and visiting scientist roles, 40 PDUs maximum

Continuing Education (45 PDUs maximum for this category)

  • Formal academic or professional education where software development is the primary topic of instruction including the completion of a 1-hour course during a 15-week semester, 15 PDUs
  • Completion of a 1-hour course during an academic quarter, 10 PDUs
  • Completion of 1 CEU of education, 10 PDUs
  • Completion of in-house software engineering process-improvement-related seminars, training programs, 1 PDU per hour (Confirmed by attaching a letter of verification from the employer)

Teaching, Presentations, and Curriculum Development (45 PDUs maximum for this category)

Credit is awarded only for providing education through courses and presentations directly related to software development process improvement

  • Teaching, 1 PDU per hour of instruction (Teaching credit may be awarded only once for each course taught during the renewal cycle for a maximum of 30 PDUs)
  • Attendance at SEI conference, 5 PDUs, 20 PDUs maximum
  • Presentation at a conference or seminar, 5 PDUs per hour, 15 PDUs per activity maximum
  • Participation in the development of presentations for conferences, seminars, or society meetings, 1 PDU per hour, 15 PDUs per activity maximum

Authoring Activities (45 PDUs maximum for this category)

  • Authoring or co-authoring a software development article, 10 PDUs per article, 30 PDUs per activity maximum
  • Authoring or co-authoring a software development book that is published within the renewal cycle, 20 PDUs per book
  • Authoring, co-authoring, or serving as contributing editor to a software-development-related online newsletter, 10 PDUs per newsletter, 30 PDUs maximum

Record keeping and Documentation

Each PSP Developer must maintain a Certification Renewal Log that lists PDU activities.

It is important that the log contain specific data to accurately identify the submitted activity. The log and supporting documentation must be sent to 30 days prior to the date your certification expires. The SEI reserves the right to request clarification of renewal log data. Click here to view a sample Certification Renewal Log.

Audit of Certification Renewal Logs

The SEI Certification Program reserves the right to randomly audit a percentage of submitted logs each year. This will ensure that the quality of the activities submitted continues to meet program requirements. PSP Developers selected for an audit will be notified by letter and may be asked to supply additional information or supporting documentation.

The SEI may find that items in a submitted renewal log do not fully meet the renewal criteria. For example, PDU credits may need to be adjusted if activities do not meet the criteria in the listing above. If your Certification Renewal Log is rejected, you will be notified and will be given 60 days from the notification date to correct the discrepancy.

Renewal Fee

The renewal fee of $75 must be paid prior to the certification expiration date. Payment can be made by major credit card by completing the renewal payment form. If payment is not received by the due date, you will receive a letter notifying you that your certification benefits will expire in 30 days. Payment not received 30 days after the due date will result in a suspension of your certification. Payment not received within 60 days will result in termination of your certification. If your certification is terminated, you must reapply via the normal application process and pass the PSP Developer examination in order to have your certification reinstated.