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Publications by Topic: Architecture in a DoD/Acquisition Context

SEI Reports

A Proactive Means for Incorporating a Software Architecture Evaluation in a DoD System Acquisition
(August 2009) This technical note provides guidance on how to contractually incorporate architecture evaluations in an acquisition. (CMU/SEI-2009-TN-004)

Impact of Army Architecture Evaluations
(April 2009) This 2009 report describes the results of a study of the impact that the ATAM evaluations and QAWs had on Army programs. (CMU/SEI-2009-SR-007)

U.S. Army Workshop on Exploring Enterprise, System of Systems, System, and Software Architectures
(March 2009) The workshop summarized in this report confirms that various architectural genres enjoy more commonalities than differences. Nevertheless, each one has its own important knowledge base, and openness among the various architectural tasks within an organization is growing in importance. (CMU/SEI-2009-TR-008)

Progress Toward an Organic Software Architecture Capability in the U.S. Army
(July 2007) This 2007 report describes the Software Architecture Initiative of the Army Strategic Software Improvement Program. (CMU/SEI-2007-TR-010)

Software Architecture in DoD Acquisition: An Approach and Language for a Software Development Plan
(February 2005) This report discusses the Software Development Plan (SDP), providing an example approach and corresponding SDP language that enable software architecture to play a central role in the technical and organizational management of a software development effort. (CMU/SEI-2005-TN-019)

Software Architecture in DoD Acquisition: A Reference Standard for a Software Architecture Document
(February 2005) This 2005 report provides an example reference standard for a Software Architecture Document (SAD). (CMU/SEI-2005-TN-020)

DoD Experience with the C4ISR Architecture Framework
(September 2003) This report discusses the context for using the C4ISRAF, the observations made during the interviews about its use, and the strengths and challenges of using it. (CMU/SEI-2003-TN-027)

DoD Architecture Framework and Software Architecture Workshop Report
(March 2003) This report summarizes the activities of the Workshop on the Department of the 2003 Defense Architecture Framework and Software Architecture workshop. (CMU/SEI-2003-TN-006)

Use of Quality Attribute Workshops (QAWs) in Source Selection for a DoD System Acquisition: A Case Study
(June 2002) This case study outlines how a DoD organization used architecture analysis and evaluation in a major system acquisition to reduce program risk. (CMU/SEI-2002-TN-013)

Software Architecture Evaluation with ATAM in the DoD System Acquisition Context
(September 1999) This report explains the basics of software architecture and software architecture evaluation in a system acquisition context. (CMU/SEI-1999-TN-012)