Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Service-Oriented Architecture Courses

Service-Oriented Architecture training supports those adopting SOA as a development and operational paradigm by providing a realistic understanding of its potentials and pitfalls. These courses offer unbiased knowledge that will help you decide whether and how to implement a SOA-based environment without advocating a particular technology or vendor solution.

Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices for Successful Adoption

This introductory course provides a "50,000-foot" view of SOA implications for an organization; introduces services, service consumers, and infrastructure as basic components of service-oriented systems; outlines common technologies for enabling service-oriented systems; and addresses SOA development challenges.

Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture

The goal of this course is to provide guidance in architecting, securing, and testing service-oriented systems and in implementing SOA governance for system and software architects and developers.