A Research Agenda for Service-Oriented Architecture

The purpose of this work is to provide a long-term consensus SOA research agenda, classified into research issues pertaining to the business, engineering, and operation aspects of service-oriented systems, plus a set of cross-cutting aspects.The SEI seeks collaborators to

  • evolve a long-term research agenda for SOA that was initially developed by the SEI with a team of international experts
  • participate with an international community of interest that is carrying out parts of the research agenda
  • carry out parts of the research agenda and disseminate the results through the international community of interest

SOA Research Agenda Problem and Solution Spaces
Overview of the SOA Problem and Solution Space

The development of a service-oriented system requires that business, engineering, and operations decisions be made, as well as other cross-cutting decisions. Our proposed taxonomy of research topics is divided into these decision areas.

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