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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University


The SEI recognizes that although most programs and organizations implement some type of risk management approach, preventable failures continue to occur. In addition, many programs use risk management approaches that are bureaucratic, time-intensive, and consume valuable program resources. The SEI can work with you to

  • conduct an expert-led independent risk assessment of your critical systems using the MRD
  • teach you how to perform risk self-assessments using the MRD
  • develop a customized risk assessment that meets your unique requirements
  • develop risk models and simulations
  • develop custom risk management solutions to help meet your software security needs

Our Practical Risk Management course is based on the Mission Risk Diagnostic and the Risk Management Framework, a requirements-based look at what a sound risk management practice should include.



  • Risk Management Improvement Workshops (using part or all of the PRM course)

Evaluation Services

  • Mission Risk Diagnostic Evaluation: gain a comprehensive, high-level view of  your project
  • Risk Management Framework Evaluation: to help you identify gaps in your risk management practice

Blended Solutions

  • MRD integrated with other SEI solutions for unique or complex issues

Consulting at the SEI

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