Publications by Topic: Reengineering

Approaches to Legacy System Evolution
Nelson H. Weiderman, Dennis B. Smith, & Scott R. Tilley

Architecture Reconstruction to Support a Product Line Effort: Case Study
Liam O'Brien

Coming Attractions in Program Understanding
Scott R. Tilley & Dennis B. Smith

Coming Attractions in Program Understanding II: Highlights of 1997 and Opportunities in 1998
Scott R. Tilley 

Enterprise Framework for the Disciplined Evolution of Legacy Systems
John K. Bergey, Linda M. Northrop, & Dennis B. Smith

Implications of Distributed Object Technology for Reengineering
Nelson Weiderman, Linda Northrop, Dennis Smith, Scott Tilley, & Kurt Wallnau

A Reverse-Engineering Environment Framework
Scott R. Tilley

Why  Reengineering Projects Fail
John Bergey, Dennis Smith, Scott Tilley, Nelson Weiderman, & Steven Woods