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Arcade Game Maker Memo 04-05

To: Vice President for Product Development
From: Director, Human Resources
CC: Vice President for Product Planning
Date: September 9, 2004
Re: Training Plan

The newly funded product line organization will introduce several new ideas and techniques to AGM, and this memo describes how AGM personnel in the new organization will be trained. This training plan includes activities that are specifically related to the product line strategy: it does not include normal, ongoing training activities (e.g. tool-specific activities). It also describes courses, workshops, and conference tutorials that will be used to thoroughly acclimate personnel to the new strategy.


Training courses are modeled after the SEI Software Product Line Curriculum. Course descriptions are provided below, and the table shows the courses that the individuals in each type of role should take.

Product Line Overview. This course provides a general overview of the principles and practices of the product line strategy.

Product Line Adoption. This course describes the actions necessary to take an existing organization and transition to the product line strategy.

Developing Software Product Lines. This course provides hands-on exposure to the practices necessary to develop core assets and products in a product line organization.

Project Management. This course provides the specifics of project management for managers who will be responsible for the unique projects in the product line organization. This course is for managers who will lead projects as well as those responsible for chartering projects.

Courses and Roles
Course Software Engineering Technical Management Organizational Management
Team Lead Team Member Functional Team Leads, Product Line Manager CEO, VPPD, VPPP, DHR
Product Line Overview X X X X
Product Line Adoption     X X
Developing Software Product Lines X X    
Project Management X   X X


After most courses are completed, we'll offer a series of full-day workshops. Each one will focus on a single topic, and most will be centered on a practice area in the SEI Framework for Software Product Line PracticeSM. Workshops will be led by consultants or staff members and will include practical hands-on activities in product line analysis or product production planning.

Conference Tutorials

If a few AGM personnel (workshop leaders, other individuals, or small groups) require specialized training, they will be sent to conferences. The training personnel in the office of the director of human resources will periodically search for these opportunities and advertise them to the staff.

Training personnel will also search for and advertise conferences such as the SEI Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) to a wider audience.

SM Framework for Software Product Line Practice is a service mark of Carnegie Mellon University.