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Arcade Game Maker Memo 04-02

To: For the record
From: Vice President for Product Development
Date: May 12, 2004
Re: Homogeneity of the AGM Product Line

The intent of a product line is to achieve strategic levels of reuse. This is possible if the products in the product line share sufficient commonality. As we reviewed our product line planning, we found a metric1 for computing homogeneity among products in a product line:

homogeneity =

where RUare the requirements unique to the ith product and RT is any product line requirement

This metric is computed based on the use case model found in Arcade Game Maker Pedagogical Product Line: Requirements Model. With 12 total use cases and 3 unique use cases, the metric is computed as follows:

homogeneity =

This computation of .75 shows that commonality is high for the product line. However, we have been treating our product line as three sets of three products. No use cases show the differences among the three sets. If we add three functional sub-use cases, one for each platform on which the games will run, the computation can be reframed as follows:

homogeneity =

1 Clements, Paul C.; McGregor, John D.; & Cohon, Sholom G. The Structured Intuitive Model for Product Line Economics (CMU/SEI-2005-TR-003). Pittsburgh, PA: Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 2005.