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Nomination Deadline: October 15, 2015
The IEEE Computer Society award nomination portal must be used to submit nominations. In addition, nominating organizations must send the nomination material, including certifications agreeing to the award conditions, to the SPA Award Coordinator. Electronic submissions must be in Portable Document Format (.PDF). Questions should be directed to the SPA Award Coordinator.

Award Committee Review Begins: November 2015
The SPA Award Coordinator provides a summary of all nominations to the Chair of the Award Committee, who reviews the nominations for compliance with the award's administrative requirements (e.g., the scope and length of the nomination material and delivery of the required statements regarding the award conditions). 

If deficiencies are minor, the nominator is given the opportunity to correct them within one week.  If there are major deficiencies, the Chair of the Award Committee explains these to the nominator and invites a future resubmission.

Award Committee Review Ends: January 2016
The Award Committee makes award decisions. In the case of negative decisions, the Chair of the Award Committee provides an explanation, a detailed list of deficiencies, and advice regarding a resubmission in the future. In the case of positive decisions, the Chair of the Award Committee submits an award proposal to the IEEE Computer Society Award Committee and the Director of the SEI Software Solutions Division for concurrence.

Award Committee Decision Announced: March 2016
The Chair of the Award Committee notifies all nominators and nominees of the committee's decision.

Award Recipient Presentation Scheduled: Spring 2016
Recipient(s) will be invited to make a presentation at a conference selected by the SEI and IEEE Computer Society. Recipient(s) must be available to receive the commemorative plaque when the award is announced.

Award Recipient Report: April – December 2016

The SPA Award Coordinator and the recipient work together to assure timely production of an effective, high-quality SEI technical report.

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