Three Variations on the V Model for System and Software Testing

Don Firesmith as interviewed by Suzanne Miller


The importance of verification and validation (especially testing) is a major reason that the traditional waterfall development cycle underwent a minor modification to create the V model that links early development activities to their corresponding later testing activities. In this podcast, Don Firesmith introduces three variants on the V model of system or software development that make it more useful to testers, quality engineers, and other stakeholders interested in the use of testing as a verification and validation method.

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Categories: Acquisition Support

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About the Speakers

Don Firesmith

Donald Firesmith, a senior researcher at the SEI, supports the U.S. Navy and other government program offices in the acquisition of software-intensive systems by providing practical guidance with regard to requirements engineering and system/software architectures. The author of several books and journal articles, Firesmith also develops and maintains new technologies such as methods for engineering safety and security requirements as well as assessing the quality of system requirements and architectures.