SEI Podcast Series

Selected Category: Service-Oriented Architecture

February 07, 2013

Standards in Cloud Computing Interoperability

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace Lewis

"The biggest fear is really vendor lock-in. People want to have the freedom to move from one cloud provider to another in case the relationship between them isn't working, service-level agreements aren't being met, other providers have better prices, or even if their provider goes out of business, which is not unusual in today's world. If there aren't standards, then moving between providers could be very difficult."

December 20, 2012

Software for Soldiers who use Smartphones

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Edwin Morris

"Now imagine you're walking into a village in Afghanistan. There may be some people that you or your colleagues have made contact with before that you know are friendly. It would be very useful to know about those people. In addition, it would be very useful to know about where there are potential threats."

December 06, 2012

Architecting Service-Oriented Systems

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace Lewis

"If you make an architectural decision that promotes interoperability or modifiability, this can have a negative impact on other qualities such as availability, reliability, security, or performance. Making these trade-offs is one of the hardest parts of architecting and designing any system."

September 04, 2012

Cloud Computing for the Battlefield

 Jeffrey Smith (Microsoft)

Grace A. Lewis

"In essence cloudlets are localized, lightweight servers, very lightweight, that are running one or more virtual machines. The idea is that soldiers can offload expensive computations from their handheld mobile devices onto these virtual machines."