SEI Agile Research Forum Meeting the Challenges of Large-Scale Systems

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About this Webinar

In this series of webinars, experts from the DoD and the SEI discuss considerations involved when Agile approaches confront the challenges of complexity, exacting regulations, and schedule pressures in the large-scale development environments found in government and many industries.

In this webinar event, you will learn

  • how a developer of large systems views the changes it needs
    to make to adopt Agile methods
  • ways to resolve conflicts between traditional acquisition
    and Agile development approaches
  • how to use technical debt to advantage
  • how to infuse Agile with discipline, without overloading it

Featured Speaker

Agile is a way for us to be able to, in small parts, mitigate our risks, make the changes that we need after a small, incremental delivery,
and then be able to build on that to get to the next stages of our delivery.

Teri Takai, Chief Information Officer CIO,

US Department of Defense (DoD)

Teri Takai will discuss the introduction of agile methods into the DoD software acquisition and development environment.

As the DoD CIO, Teri Takai serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Information Management/Information Technology and Information Assurance as well as non-intelligence Space systems, critical satellite communications, navigation, and timing programs, spectrum and telecommunications.

SEI Research Presenters

Mary Ann Lapham, Senior Researcher,

SEI Acquisition Support Program

Agile Methods: Tools, Techniques, and Practices
for the DoD Community

Mary Ann Lapham describes research into ways that help the DoD overcome technical and cultural resistance to Agile methods.

As a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI, Mary Ann Lapham supports and improves the acquisition of software-reliant systems. She has worked with DoD Program Offices to advise on software issues at the system and/or segment level.

Ipek Ozkaya, Senior Researcher,

SEI Research, Technology, and System Solutions Program

Strategic Management of Architectural Technical Debt

Ipek Ozkaya shows you how to spot the sources of technical debt in your project, track it, and use it to your advantage.

More on this Topic

Hard Choices,

Board Game—In the quest to become market leader, players race to release a quality product in the face of uncertainty. Everyone experiences the implications of investing to gain an advantage or of paying a price to take shortcuts.

A senior member of the SEI technical staff, Ipek Ozkaya is the co-organizer of the Third International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, co-creator of the Hard Choices board game, frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences, and author of several articles.

James Over, Manager, Team Software Process (TSP) Initiative

in the SEI Software Engineering Process Management Program

Agility and Discipline

James Over present views from research and experience in balancing agility and discipline.

More on this Topic

James Over has led the transition of the TSP into government and industry organizations throughout the world. He co-authored the book Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust (with the late Watts Humphrey) and several SEI publications on software process definition and improvement.

Douglas Schmidt, SEI Visiting Scientist and Associate Chair, of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

at Vanderbilt University

The Importance of Applying Agile Technologies to Key DoD Software Initiatives

Douglas Schmidt explores what's at stake for a large-scale development organization that is considering or adopting Agile technologies.

A former Chief Technology Officer for the SEI, Douglas Schmidt is now and SEI visiting scientist. He guides the SEI blog series that reports on new developments in software engineering research. He is also a tenured professor and associate chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Vanderbilt University.
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