SEI Event Detail

Evolving Security & Privacy Requirements Engineering Workshop (ESPRE)

  • 08/25/2014All Day
  • SEI staff are speakers on the technical program of this event.

Location: Karlskrona, Sweden

URL: http://espre2014.org/

Event Details

When specifying a system, security and privacy needs to be addressed as early as possible. Unfortunately, many people find doing so difficult in the face of conflicting priorities.When these concerns are addressed, we discover how intrinsically difficult specifying security and privacy can be, and the blurred distinction between requirements and security and privacy concepts. The Evolving Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering Workshop (ESPRE) is an IEEE-sponsored event that is being co-chaired by Nancy Mead of the CERT Division. This multi-disciplinary workshop brings together practitioners and researchers interested in evolving security and privacy requirements engineering practice. ESPRE will be run as a one-day workshop in conjunction with RE 2014, consisting of an invited talk, paper presentations and discussions, and a facilitated roadmap building session. 

For complete details, visit the ESPRE website