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Xiaobo Zhou

Key Responsibilities

Development, deployment, and maintenance of several key CMMI and Appraisal team software systems:  SAS (SEI Appraisal System), PARS (Published Appraisal Results System), LAAQA (Lead Appraiser Admin/Quality Admin).

Creation and modification of multiple SQL Server database elements, involving tables, triggers, stored procedures, and queries.

Provides technical end-user support for the systems listed above.


Professional Background

 Xiaobo Zhou started to work at the SEI in 2001.She worked on various projects and systems to support SEPM businesses. She is a key contributor for ongoing enhancement and deployment of the SEI Appraisal System (SAS). She was also responsible for database administration during the development phase and deployment phase of this critical system.

Xiaobo Zhou has also supported other SEI teams with database, web and survey technology.
Xiaobo Zhou had been a teacher for five years at Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China after she obtained her B.S. in 1982. She obtained her M.S. degree in engineering in 1990. She had worked as a materials engineer for a few years before she started to work in software development. She has been working in software development since 1997.


  • MS, Ceramics Engineering & Science, Alfred University, NY

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