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Julien Delange

Member of the Technical Staff

Professional Background

Julien Delange is a member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Before joining the SEI, he worked as a Software Engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA), lead and contributed to several research projects related to software and system architectures. He also used to teach software engineering courses and train students to design embedded real-time systems.


Publications (recent or significant)

  • Julien Delange and Peter Feiler.  Incremental Latency Analysis of Heterogeneous Cyber-Physical Systems. In Real-Time and Distributed Computing in Emerging Applications (REACTION) 2014. Rome, Italy – December 2, 2014
  • AADL Fault Modeling and Analysis Within an ARP4761 Safety Assessment – SEI Technical Report – October 2014
  • Julien Delange and Peter Feiler. Architecture Fault Modeling with the AADL Error-Model Annex. In Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA). Verona, Italy – August 27-29, 2014 – SEAA 2014
  • Julien Delange and Peter Feiler. Supporting Safety Evaluation Process using AADL. In The Seventh Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) 2013.
  • Brian Larson, John Hatcliff, Kim Fowler and Julien Delange. Illustrating the AADL Modelling Error Annex Using a Simple Medical Device. in High Integrity Language Technology (HILT) conference 2013.
  • Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya, Raghvinder S. Sangwan, Julien Delange, Marco Gonzalez and Philippe Kruchten Limitations in Using Structural Metrics to Measure Architecture Modifiability Properties In the 29th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance.
  • Julien Delange, Peter Feiler and Ipek Ozkaya. Integration of Model-Based Engineering with Existing Systems. In SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition.
  • Neil Ernst, Ipek Ozkaya, Robert L. Nord, Julien Delange, Stephany Bellomo and Ian Gorton Understanding the Role of Constraints on Architecturally Significant Requirements In the Third International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture.
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet and Fabrice Kordon. A Model-Based Approach To Configure and Reconfigure Avionics Systems In Reconfigurable Embedded Control Systems: Applications for Flexibility and Agility. Publisher: IGI Global ; Date: September 30, 2010 ; ISBN13: 9781609600860 ; ISBN: 160960086X.
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet and Fabrice Kordon. Design, implementation and verification of MILS systems. In Software: Practice and Experience, Feb 2012.
  • Julien Delange and Laurent Lec. POK, an ARINC653-compliant operating system released under the BSD license. 13th Real-Time Linux Workshop
  • Maxime Perrotin, Eric Conquet, Julien Delange, Thanassis Tsiodras and Andre Schiele. TASTE: A Real-Time Software Engineering Tool-Chain. In SDL Forum 2011.
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet, Alain Plantec, Mickael Kerboeuf, Frank Singhoff and Fabrice Kordon. Validate, simulate and implement ARINC653 systems using the AADL In ACM's 12th Annual International Conference on Ada and Related Technologies - SIGAda09. (received best student paper award)
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet and Peter Feiler. Validating safety and security requirements for partitioned architectures. In 14th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada Europe, June 2009.
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet and Fabrice Kordon. Code Generation Strategies for Partitioned Systems. In 29th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'08) Work In Progress, IEEE Computer Society, December 2008.


  • PhD, Software Engineering, TELECOM ParisTech
  • MS, Software Engineering, Universite Paris VI

Professional Memberships

  • SAE International
  • IEEE
  • ACM

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