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Peter Capell

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Problem solving in a wide range of contexts serving software engineering discipline.

Professional Background

Peter Capell is a member of Army Strategic Software Improvement Program where he participates in ASA(ALT) -sponsored activities to improve acquisition practices throughout the Army. Dr. Capell has had a lengthy relationship with the Software Engineering Institute, first joining the Institute in 1992 serving the Software Process Assessment (SPA) team in many capacities, including the development of training and in contributing to aspects of the assessment method. Capell then became a visiting scientist with SEI while starting his multimedia software development company with other CMU-related partners. Rejoining the SEI in the middle nineties, Capell served in several roles, producing training products for CERT and the Dynamic Systems Program (COTS/ Exec COTS), followed by extended work as a team member and developer for Integrated Capability Maturity Model (CMMI). On the CMMI team, Capell was co-author of the Training process area as well as one of the technical designer/developers of a database used to capture, generate, and publish all of the varieties of the CMMI documents. After six years in the Institute, Capell joined the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute (CMRI) as a senior member where he was a developer of database-accessible online training for the National Guard. After two years with CMRI Capell was invited to work with MountainTop Technologies, Incorporated, where he served first as Director of Instructional Development, then as Director of Production supervising development of online training for the Army National Guard and other government customers. Prior to first joining the SEI, Capell was a Research Associate, then Research Faculty as a member of the College of Fine Arts where he was a developer of a first-of-its-kind intelligent tutoring system that integrated multimedia, artificial intelligence, and adaptive instruction. During this period, Capell completed his doctoral degree at the University of Pittsburgh having participation on his dissertation committee by members of both Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. Capell is an Adjunct Faculty member of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. He is a past Director and past Education Chair of the Pittsburgh Chapter of IEEE, member of Sigma Xi, the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), and American Educational Research Association (AERA). Capell is the author of more than twelve publications related to topics related to software process improvement as well as in the field of intelligent tutoring systems.

Publications (recent or significant)

  • Internet Technologies in Student Learning and AssessmentGetting a Handle on a Universe of Resources (2000) Learning System Architecture Laboratory internal report to the Heinz Foundation Peter S. Capell Anne R. Humphreys Heather E. Walls, editor
  • Analysis of Courses in Information Management and Network System Security and Survivability (1999) SEI Technical Report CMU/SEI-99-TR-006
  • Report on Distance Learning Technologies (1995) SEI Technical Report CMU/SEI-95-TR-004.
  • Instructional Design and Intelligent Tutoring: Theory and the Precision of Design (1993) Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education pp. 95-121 vol. 4, No. 1.
  • A Content Analysis Approach Used in the Study of the Characteristics of Instructional Design in Three Intelligent Tutoring Systems: The LISP Tutor, Bridge, and Piano Tutor. Doctoral Dissertation, U.M.I., 1989.


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  • BA, Psychology,
  • MA, Education,
  • PhD, Computer Science

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