Product Line Practice

Through software product lines, organizations can realize order-of-magnitude improvements in time to market, cost, productivity, quality, and other business drivers. The commercial impact of product lines is now seen in a variety of domains including office appliances, avionics, medical devices, automotive, and telecommunications.

In the Product Line Practice (PLP) initiative, we work to make software product line development and acquisition a low-risk, high-return proposition by

  • maturing and codifying practices to exploit commonality and manage variation across families of similar systems
  • forming strategies to bootstrap organizations that otherwise would find a product line approach prohibitive
  • providing assistance to customers to address key product line challenges
  • training developers, acquirers, and educators to use effective software product line principles and practices

How We Can Help

We can help

  • executives understand how product lines can help the organization, examine an organization's readiness for adoption, and create a plan for adopting a product line
  • organizations identify common requirements across a product line, develop a business case for adopting software product lines, create a strategy for producing products in a product line, develop a product line operating concept and training plans, and develop measurement and tracking mechanisms
  • acquisition organizations develop acquisition strategies and approaches, requests for proposals, and statements of work and to organize contractor planning, tracking, and monitoring in a product line effort
  • practitioners identify and model common requirements and opportunities for large-grained reuse, define a product line architecture, and design reusable assets

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