Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium: Overview

The SEI Emerging Technology Center is establishing a consortium to improve the practice of cyber intelligence throughout government, industry, and academia.

Starting on June 13, 2014, the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium will offer members a variety of research and development opportunities in support of cyber intelligence tradecraft:

  • Steering Committee: Collaboration between CMU, SEI, and members to guide consortium activities and plan for future success
  • Cyber Threat Baseline: Anonymized research of members cyber threat environments to identify best practices and common challenges
  • Tradecraft Labs: Workshops to advance practitioner capabilities, showcase relevant technologies, and address systemic tradecraft challenges
  • Implementation Frameworks: How-to-guides for navigating key intelligence practices and technologies
  • Crisis Simulation: Capture the flag exercise to apply learned tradecraft techniques, technologies, and methodologies to a simulated cyber event
  • Intelligence Insights: Regular correspondence on topics relevant to the practice of cyber intelligence

For more information on the consortium and how to become a member, visit:

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