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Cyber Intelligence

The SEI Emerging Technology Center's research and development in cyber intelligence empowers organizations across all sectors to improve their decision making using cyber intelligence. 

We define cyber intelligence as the acquisition and analysis of information to identify, track, and predict cyber capabilities, intentions, and activities to offer courses of action that enhance decision making. We conduct research and development with this definition in mind. Our focus areas include analytical technologies, methodologies, processes, and workforce development and management. These focus areas form the foundations of our main projects:

Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium

Created in June 2014, the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium brings together organizations from a variety of sectors to exchange ideas, engage in hands-on activities, and learn from experts in the field. Consortium members are the first to receive practical guides and other materials we develop based on our research, and representatives from member organizations participate in tradecraft labs and simulations that provide unique insights into the work of cyber intelligence. Current members include 
  • Airbus
  • American Express
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • PNC
  • Wells Fargo
  • organizations from the U.S. Intelligence Community and military

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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Project

From June 2012 to September 2013, the Emerging Technology Center conducted the Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Project (CITP), a study sponsored by the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. During the CITP, 30 organizations provided information about their cyber intelligence methodologies, technologies, processes, and training. The Emerging Technology Center team used this information to create eight analytical products that can enable organizations of any size or function to effectively balance the need to protect network perimeters with the need to look beyond them for strategic insights.

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Carnegie Mellon University Graduate Course in Cyber Intelligence

The Emerging Technology Center team developed a graduate-level course in cyber intelligence, and two technical staff members taught the course at Carnegie Mellon University's Information Networking Institute during the Fall 2014 academic semester. Students who took the course came from a variety of backgrounds, representing eight countries and three technical and policy-oriented graduate programs

eLearning Course: Available Summer 2015

A new eLearning course, Cyber Intelligence for Decision Makers, will be available in Summer 2015. This asynchronous, video-based course enables managers and executives to understand what cyber intelligence means for their organization and how to use cyber intelligence to improve the way they make decisions. Topics include skills required for intelligence analysts, understanding an organization's threat environment, and preventative cyber intelligence measures.

Cyber Intelligence for Decision Makers

Cyber Intelligence for Decision Makers

Cyber Intelligence at the SEI

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